Top SEO trends to add to your 2022 Marketing Strategy


2022 brings the introduction of Web3 and different methods of search engine optimisation, It will be much harder to gain the same amount of reach. In times when SEO plays a large role in business growth, it is important to identify some of the latest SEO trends that will help us in 2022. In this article you will learn the top seo trends to add to your business and marketing strategy in 2022.

The importance of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

As artificial intelligence (AI) changes how we interact with content on the web, AI will likewise start to play a vital part in the SEO system. Kaushik et al. shows us how Natural Language processing and summarisation techniques are advancing in the SEO industry. The use of AI will become very important as Googles AI algorithm RankBrain, will become one of the more significant variables for google’s search engines result pages (SERPs) in 2022. Since Google announced RankBrain back in 2015, numerous organisations have thought about what this will mean for SEO. We can see how similar AI and machine learning algorithms are affecting the current industry which leads us to believe it will have a great impact and is a technology to be fully aware of in the coming year.

Long-form content being used within websites.

To guarantee that you communicate and connect with consumers who view your site you should move to long content of 2,000 words or more. The aim of this is to have content displayed to get more traffic and a greater number of offers than short-form content. Moving your concentration to make quality long structured content can support the development of your search rankings. In any case, all together for long-form content to be valuable, it should have the option to keep readers engaged and have an overall call to action to conclude it.

To be more interactive with readers, it’s important that you separate your content into numerous subtitles utilising the subheading tags (H2 to H6), as this will make content more identifiable to search engine crawlers. The goal is to make content simple for users and easy to understand for search engine crawlers.

On mobile phones, large pieces of a blog content can be a little long to some readers, especially on a small screen. You ought to ensure that your content is not difficult to share to further develop SEO of the entire site.

Voice Search

The popularity of voice search is only just starting to rise. It’s estimated that around 58% buyers used voice search to find business information online in 2020 alone (Search Engine Journal, 2019). As of now the market consists of Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri and Google Search assistant that helps us with our daily routines. However, a lot of people currently use a smart speaker in their homes and with the use of voice controlling of everything from TVs to clinical gadgets. It’s inevitable that voice search is the essential type of area to look toward in the 2022 tech world.

Amazon Alexa Voice Search

Make use of audio content

The use of podcasts and audio based search with relevant and informative results will help you improve your ranking. By creating an audio based content and producing information in this method it is likely you can align your content to promote to those listening or utilising audio devices. This is a essential part of an integrated communications strategy and is important in order to create content which can be consumed both on the go and during every day chores to plant your business in the back of their mind.

Think mobile first when designing websites

In regards to SEO patterns in 2022, it might appear that mobile optimisation is old technology. Numerous SEO experts will realise that, as of march 2018, after the rollout of the mobile-first index, it’s been a significant positioning factor. Having your site upgraded for mobiles will likely improve the probability that your website will rank higher in SERPs. This is also the case that more people are introduced to technology during 2020 and if they do not have a laptop or personal computer they are still likely to have a mobile phone from which they can view this content.

Videos and short form content creation

If you haven’t worked on Video already, then you’re missing out on the large number of users who look for meaningful relationships with a business. The truth is that web-based video platforms have been popularised the most in recent years with short form content becoming more common to be used. The use of mass short form content can support driving audiences to a website as platforms such as Youtube shorts and TikTok have shown. Rather than focusing solely on videos it can be very helpful to integrate video and audio content to create what works for multiple platforms and therefore aid your SERP rankings and support your Top SEO trends to add to your 2022 Marketing Strategy.

User video as content seo trend

Schema use on pages and content

One of the most recent advancement in SEO is called schema markup. Practically it’s a guideline to using mark-up on website pages and it helps search engines to represent your site pages in search results. You can use Google’s Structured Data Markup Helper to generate your own code. This will help to benefit the SEO as it will use backend markup in order to identify key aspects of your web page. This can be very important in generating high quality posts as it helps you to see what is not being shown in your markup. Schema will be another important aspect to focus on over the new year when creating new pages and content.

Conclusion Of Top SEO trends for a 2022 Marketing Strategy

Overall there are many important technologies and strategies to take into account for 2022. It is important that you can correctly use any information we have given you today and to watch these growing and changing algorithms closely in order to receive the best results. We are definitely hopeful that Web3 technologies will bring about new changes to SERP optimisations and therefore it is important that we can manage the use of SEO for our businesses. If you would like to find out more about Top SEO trends to add to your 2022 Marketing Strategy contact us and we can show you the most suitable strategy and technology for your business. Obviously not every business will be able to use all the technologies but it’s vital you can plan and prioritise to receive the most value in the new year.


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