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Website Design Services

How can we help your business with a website?

Using the latest technologies & trends, our in-house development team work hand-in-hand with our design team to craft powerful, stunning bespoke websites that provide a great user experience and drive results for our clients.

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About Website Design

SummitNova offers website design services and builds tailor made designs for your business. We dont believe in one click themes or designs  as every business has different needs and requirements.

What Is website design and development?

Web design consists of the design of a digital product (websites and apps). It may encompass several fields, such as User Interface (UI), User Experience (UX), and even Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Overall, web design must acknowledge the usability of a website or app, considering its layout (i.e., the structure), visual aesthetics (e.g., colors and fonts), and sometimes the content.

Web Development is the process of developing websites and applications for the internet or intranets (private networks). As a process, web development can include various specializations, such as working on the webserver, web engineering, network security configuration, and even web design. However, the everyday use of the term “web development” typically refers to coding or writing markups and does not often include design aspects.

In other words, is web design part of web development? Technically yes, because web development includes everything that needs to be worked on to build a website or application. But, in day to day, does the commonly used term “web development” implies web design? It often does not since it is a term that professionals usually use to describe writing code, markups, and overall more back-end development-related tasks. Therefore, web development and web design can be sometimes perceived as separate subjects, but it is not that straightforward.

How SummitNova Can Help?

SummitNova is a professional agency that offers a full range of website solutions that are designed to:

  • Research and understand specific customer needs.
  • Identify and implement the best technical strategies to meet those needs.
  • Understand Website use and function.
  • Maintain effective use of most up to date technology and ensure ongoing security for your website.

Our professional website design service for fast loading and mobile responsive services include online audience planning strategy, mobile responsive development, and page speed optimisation.

We are ready to prove to you that our reliable website design service offers a complimentary selection of value – and our experts are always ready to provide our clients with the very best service for all their website development and design service needs.